Susan Lim

Dr Susan Lim

Surgeon, Scientist and Philanthropist


Singapore’s Pioneer Surgeon – Dr Susan Lim

An academic and entrepreneur in the field of medicine, Dr Susan Lim is a surgeon, scientist and entrepreneur from Singapore. Dr Lim's academic, clinical and research interests span a range of surgical fields within general surgery including hepatobiliary, pancreatic and breast surgery, with a special focus on new technologies including advanced laparoscopic surgery, and robotic surgery. She is widely known for being selected as the 21st century role model by the people of Singapore, in the Business Times' ‘Spirit of the Century’ initiative.

Education and Career

Dr Susan Lim studied in Melbourne, Australia's Monash University, where she graduated with First Class Honours. She received the David Rosenthal prize for the highest aggregate marks during her pre-clinical years. She was awarded the prestigious GB Ong Gold Medal for being the most distinguished candidate in general surgery in 1984 (shared) and holds fellowships in General Surgery in the colleges in Scotland, Singapore and the US. Dr Lim pursued a PhD in transplantation immunology at the University of Cambridge in the UK, through the Gulbenkian Scholarship, Churchill College, University of Cambridge. She received several traveling scholarships and bursaries, one of which took her to the United States, where she observed both the islet cell transplantation and human pancreas transplant program.

Outstanding Achievements

Dr Lim is the first Singaporean surgeon to have performed a successful cadaveric liver transplant. The patient who received the liver has survived for over 25 years after the historic transplant, and delivered a son, six years after the transplant. Dr Lim pioneered two surgical technologies in her country, one technology being a minimally invasive method for breast biopsy, and the other being the ground-breaking robotic surgical technology. She was also the driving force behind the Parkway’s Centre for Robotic Surgery (research and education). Through the years Dr Lim has published in the fields of general surgery, cancer, advanced laparoscopic, robotic surgery, transplantation and stem cell research. Outside of her clinical and scientific commitments, Dr Susan Lim contributes to various philanthropic ventures that benefit underprivileged children.

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